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The mission of the Ryan Siddique Scholarship Fund is to provide financial scholarships and support services to students diagnosed with epilepsy. This scholarship is given in memory of a courageous, compassionate young man who suffered from epilepsy since he was four years old until he passed away in April of 2014 at 28 years old.

Ryan’s Story


Ryan Siddique was born in Bedford, Texas on June 27, 1985. Ryan earned his bachelor of arts degree in criminology from the University of Texas at Dallas in December of 2008. Ryan graduated from Grapevine High School in 2004. Ryan was an amazing and aspiring professional golfer. As a mentally and physically tough and dedicated player, he played on the University of Texas at Dallas Golf Team and still holds the record for the lowest round ever shot in the University’s team history, a 67, while playing in the NCAA John Bohmann Memorial Tournament. He won medalist honors. Ryan finished tied for the final alternate spot in the Texas State Open prior to suffering a career changing back injury. He would practice for 12 and 14 hours a day in the grueling Texas sun to achieve his success as an athlete and lover of golf.

Ryan worked at J.P. Barth Law Firm, PLLC, as the director of Greater Dallas for the law firm and title company. He was integral at launching the company’s first Dallas office location and had rapidly expanded the firm’s client base during the first few months of operation prior to suffering a stroke. Ryan was also passionate about fast cars. He was an avid Corvette enthusiast and belonged to a local Corvette club. He took pride in working on and showing his award-winning Corvette, even calling it to all who knew him, his “wife.”

When Ryan was four years old he began to experience what were then called Petite Mal Seizures. He would suffer from them throughout his lifetime and had to find ways to live his life to the fullest while living with his seizures. Ryan visited many different doctors and took a variety of seizure controlling medications. In his early 20’s the medication was no longer controlling Ryan’s seizures and he was then diagnosed with a brain tumor. Hopeful that removing the tumor would stop the seizures, Ryan underwent major brain surgery to remove the tumor. His doctors were amazed at Ryan’s resilience and capacity for healing. It is unknown whether the tumor was the cause of Ryan’s epilepsy but they are a known cause of epilepsy in some people. Ryan got back on his feet again after the surgery and was living his life to the fullest. Unfortunately on August 31, 2013, at only 28 years old, Ryan suffered a massive debilitating stroke and was again diagnosed with another brain tumor. He fought a good fight for nearly eight months suffering from the sever effects of the stroke, seizures, additional brain surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, and the tumor itself, before passing away on April 10, 2014.


Ryan will be fiercely missed and never forgotten.



Here are a few statistics to help put epilepsy into perspective:
Americans are diagnosed with epilepsy each year
People are living with epilepsy in the U.S.
Americans will develop epilepsy in their lifetime
Billion dollars are spent by Americans each year caring for & treating epilepsy

Award Banquet

Texas Ranger’s Game


The purpose of this scholarship program is to provide financial support for the education of people living with epilepsy. The award is an annual scholarship of up to $5,000. Once applicants are selected – a $5,000 check will be mailed in their name to their higher education institution. Previous award recipients are welcome to apply for future scholarships.”

DEADLINE – July 16, 2022 



Must be:

1. A legal resident of the United States

2. Diagnosed with epilepsy by a physician

3. Seeking an associate’s, undergraduate, or graduate degree or enrolled in a trade school educational program

4. A student who demonstrates achievement, possesses a strong record of participation in activities outside of school, and serves as a positive role model

5. Graduating from high school in 2021 or have already graduated from high school

6. Enrolled in or awaiting acceptance from a United States-based center for higher learning for the fall semester 2021


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